RQ Boxing

Boxing is simply an extremely physical game of chess, and as such, intelligence in the ring, or “RQ”, is often the differences between success and failure. Therefore, this site is dedicated to offering tips and unique perspectives into boxing training, ultimately allowing you to maximize your skill set.

Boxing Training

Preparation is everything. How you train directly affects how you perform, not just physically but mentally as well. On this website, we will focus more on training, whether it be preparation, workouts, or recovery.

All boxing trainers have their own methodologies, perspectives, and routines. We are not here to tell you how train, rather, we offer insight into different training methods and techniques that may benefit your game. We recognize that training techniques often vary from boxer to boxer, but the more you know, the better.

Variety of Experience

Boxing is an ancient sport, and although sport science has definitely made an impact, it’s still a fairly old school sport. By incorporating experiences form other sports, training regimes, and new scientific findings, we hope that we can pull useful pieces of advice from many different areas all in order to make you a better fighter.

Does the RQ Boxing Institute Offer Classes?

At this point, we currently do not have a facility set up to offer any classes. That being said, this is at the top of our list, and hopefully this year we will have locked down a facility where we can begin designing a smart, modern, effective training facility.


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